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Residential Leases

When renting a house, it is important to follow all steps in the lease process as there are many legal obligations to protect both landlord and tenant rights. The forms below will have sections in RED that need to be customized by you, then changed to BLACK before printing.

Step by step Instructions for Leasing a Residential Property. Covers all the forms below.

Blank Residential Lease Agreement Form. For use with multi and single unit houses.

Blank Residential Lease Addendum for Proration for Rent. Use this if the tenant will not be moving in on the day rent is normally due.

Lead Based Paint Disclosure to be signed by tenant for houses built prior to 1978.

This pamphlet must be provided to the tenant to keep when leasing any house built prior to 1978.

A set of rules to protect single tenant properties and provide the tenant with information.

A set of rules to protect multi tenant properties and provide quiet enjoyment guidelines.

A checklist for the tenant to complete that details the status of the property at that time.